I'm back

Hi guys, so here I am, return to blogging site after gone for a while for betterment, hahaha...
The best of my life that I have been through is I have finished my foundation year! Which is a great thing!!! But the saddest part would be being parted with my lovely friends back in my foundation center...I love them real hard, now I can't see them everyday like how it used to be, I miss them a lot.

Ok, one thing that I haven't decide since I started blogging back then I think since 2009, is what language should I use in my blog post....always the hardest part. I know my English is not the best I could offer but I just love English as my second language..so, I think it's time to decide which language I should use in my blog post...I will use both language Malay and English in my next entry; not mix both language...i guess. Haha, thinking bout this for years and finally decided something that sounds not so deciding, wtv.

So why I am thinking of going back to blog even I have been through hard times with blogspot over plus minus of 8 years since I started blogging is my friend, Qais. So last night I shared a blog entry of my math-co-classmate which I never expect that this person blogging! so my friend ask me who else have blog because she just love reading blog entry, anything but I guess mostly life related stuff. and she asked me whether I have blog or not, but I told her I used to, heheehehehe. So Qais, you got me back to my blogger life. But seriously I do miss my blog that have vanished loooong time ago, I still cannot get over it, it was so sudden, I doesn't even know who was wrong whether google or myself...I also do miss Qais ;)

There you go, my very "first" blog entry of this year. Happy-not-so-new-year to everyone, I wish you guys will have a great memories this year!

Btw, I also do tumblr, check out my tumblr @ asyhr.tumblr.com  nothing really much happening in both of my virtual world, but just enjoy whatever it offers to you. Have a nice day!

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