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#np-Wells by Joshua Hyslop

Hi, it's been a while since the last post.
First of all I'm so grateful to Allah that I get the chance to be in this holy month of Islam, Ramadhan. So, I wish everyone a very happy Ramadhan!!

Ok, honestly I always have something in my mind that I want to talk about in this blog but it always came at a very sudden point and the point where I'm not ready to remember and so I forgot. Simple as that. I have trouble at memorize things and sometimes, I even forget what I just had for breakfast..I also easily forget about things I gossiped with my friends, hahaha, that's why I don't really like to gossip which I rarely do nowadays compared to school days back then because there's no point to talk about if I never remember all that....such a waste. But luckily I can memorize things I've learnt pretty well...or else I might have to stop going to uni...*nightmare*

It almost two months since I finished my foundation study and I've been through some events I never thought would happened in my life...but I have no regret with all events I've went through because I did learnt life lessons which I believe are very helpful for my life ahead...

Being...I would say 'rejected' was the hardest-broken-heart event ever in my life. At first I felt like my world of happy life just ended...hahaha drama~~but after some times, I get over it and started to move on...I tell ya, it ain't easy but all you need is a strong will! Once you set to move on, keep moving on. Never procrastinate your moving on 'process'  because there's nothing to lose for if you are moving on. But if you keep push and pull your will, you might ended up not moving on and started to hurt yourself and waste your time over things you never know will becomes yours or never become yours. Chin up dear and there are other things are waiting for you outside there. So moving on and let yourself enjoy the world that has so much fun to offer to you.

As the time pass, you'll be fine. All you need is to allow yourself to move on and get over things because time have no time to wait for you.

I don't know what the heck I'm talking about but I hope you get something from it...I actually doesn't mean to talk about moving on thingy but that's all I got at the moment. So I'll get back to you soon. Bye.