A New Start

It's 2016 and it's already February 2016!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
How fast time fly....This year I don't plan to achieve or to do a lot of things but I am really looking forward to all the unexpected happy things to happen.
I also hope that I can spend more time on my blog writing post and probably making a video :O Hahaha, what a high target isn't it?

As for now, I will stop writing this post but I'll continue with another post for sure but later :D

Have a nice day and all the best to you guys ^^

The past time

Hi dears,
So it has been a very long time since I posted out a post. I've become quite a lazy person especially in writing a post for my own blog, you can see how lazy I am.
11 years have gone and now I am no longer a school student. I graduate from secondary school!!! Yay!!! *a big clap for me*

Look back into the last 2 year of my school time, I think I grew up a lot mentally and physically.
I entered a boarding school and met new friends. A big struggled I had to go through was to adapt with the new people and new surrounding which was very different from my daily school life.
But yeah, it all the matter of time. I tried to adapt as a newbie, the time also passing real fast and I finally adapted with the new thingy *but not totally adapt, anyway*

Let's see what things I've got for the past 2 years:

-best girlfriends ever *my Form 4 girl classmates*
-a satisfied exam result which I think I improve a lot and which I believe I will never get that kind of exam result if keep staying in my previous school for some reasons.
-positions. well, I held a few positions at school and at the hostel. It's a great achievement *at least, I have something to put in the position column* Hahahaha
-I gained weight! Haha, it's not a favour one but that's what I got. I gained 5 kg in during my national exam month, which is in November. I ate a lot since there was only around 60-80 girls left at the school while the rest students were on their school holiday, so the dining hall wasn't crowded as usual and I am a happy girl eating the food.
-I became familiar with the city of my school.
etc, I couldn't remember all of them right now, but I'm sure there are many things I've got.

Now it's FEBRUARY 2016!!!!! My national exam result will be out on March 3rd. I'm looking forward to it but quite anxious with my result especially my Additional Maths result. But I hope everything will be fine as it should. I also hope for straight As' (9As') in my SPM result.