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That Feeling

Hi guys,
so lately I have been too busy with my feeling
and aku rasa I mind the feeling too much
I keep feeling sorry, but sorry for what? Well, sorry for a lot of things
Aku rasa sorry for having feeling on someone that I know will probably never be mine,
Seriously at some moment I feel truly sorry for that, that I couldn't stop blaming myself for all these,
Aku rasa macam, entahlah, burden? I dunno, but yeah kinda
Aku rasa sangat bersalah that I couldn't help this tears from flowing
My heart broken, and now tears...again. Well, you can call me whatever you want, drama queen? cause I don't mine be one but I just want every each of you who are reading this; this is my inner feeling that I kept...
I feel very sad thinking bout this, aku bersalah for having feeling and even you asked me to stp feeling sorry for "nothing to be sorry for", still, aku tak boleh tahan.
I just felt sorry for everything that I could be sorry for, I feel sorry for myself for making me loo…

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