Almost 8 weeks

Ohooo, so next week is my 8 weeks as pre-u student...and a lot of things had happened in this many things from happy things to scary things😁
I've done my Test 1 for Physics, Biology, and English so, I got another 3 papers to go!! Yeay!!

The overall questions is...well...exam never be kind to you unless you love them 😝 As for me, I think I'm not completely in love with them yet...but soon...insyaAllah, I will....kekeke!

I would say my life here is not too hectic as I expected from the alumni experiences because. Importantly is the consistency of your lifestyle here. Tutor every week...tutor is like homework...kerja sekolah...setiap minggu uolls dapat homework kan even dekat sekolah sekali pun. So yeah, no difference in terms of tutor. Assignment...not every week. Oh, the reason for you to be consistent in study is because there is quizzes every week...but not for all subject. For example...Maybe this week I have my Maths and Bio quiz..and then next week I'll probably will have my Chemistry's depends on the lecturers! So that's how the study life goes on here.
Kalau tak study nanti markah quiz sikit, nanti carry mark sikit pastu susah la nak dapat pointer yang sedap mata memandang😂 Bersusah susah dahulu bersenang senang kemudian ok!

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