The Old One Neither Fade Nor Present

Wassup! It's the fourth of June! Wohooo! It's already half of the year! So fast!

Anyway, I know and understand that people change as time flies, they change for the sake of their life, for the betterment probably. But it's hurt when people change and ignore others like they're a total stranger when the fact that they use to be good friends! I seriously couldn't brain on this part. They unfollowed other like the other never exist in their life, like they never have a single memory together. They made new friends, and that's totally fine but I don't see reason for totally abandoning the past.

Ok, actually the true story is I have a friend. We were close enough that we are a 'gang' during school days, 5-6 years ago and we've been together as a good friends for almost 3 years. We even have a book we bought to tell our stories/feeling in that book-journal. We contacted each other even we were apart on our 4th years and there we were getting disclosed in our friendship. And like what I've said, people changed. So all of us changed and probably are changing that we are so distant with each other, not even an acquaintance I would say. And then I believe we used to follow each other on the Instagram, but now since you are having a very good life that you forget us and stop following me on Instagram. I'm fine with that but one thing that I'm upset was I saw on my phone screen that you are requesting to follow my acc but when I opened it, it was gone. No request from you at all. And so I assumed that you wanted to follow another person whose name was about the same as mine but accidentally requested on my acc instead of them. And what more upset was your cancellation upon the request you've made. I mean, I don't get it why you have to unfollow all of your school friends who used to be closed with you and eventually we was a 'gang' once back then. I see no wrong on that part. It's so sad to see a friendship swiped out just like that.


another story;

To be honest, I'm not very concerned about my old friendship but it's just upset to see this act today which somehow make me care about the old friendship for a while. Why I didn't text her to get the reason? Well, as I growing up with lots of eventful friendship events, at one point in the past 5 years, I realized that you can't ask people to stay with you, only you because they all have right of their own social life like who they want to be friends with etc. At first, I did feeling jealous when I saw and realize that somebody was 'stealing' my very good friend, but than that ' at one point' has made me realized that I've no right to ask my good friend to stay away from other people and be friend with no others but me. It's not the right idea.I thought that It's immature to ask some one to stay away from other people. So I let them be a good friends. Besides we were so young and we're just about to learn about true friendship whatsoever, you I told to myself that if she's more comfortable with her new friend, then I'll let them be together because there's no point to stay when we were not comfortable. So I waited, just in case she want to return me our old friendship, but she seems happy with the new one, so I let them be. Btw, The comfortable that I said is the comfortable feeling to share secrets and stuff. This is because as I growing up, I rarely share my story/secrets to people because I don't really takes thing personally, and if I do, I rarely share them with people. Maybe I'm not that kind of person who share secrets with friends etc. So I understand why they are good together and that's because they look comfortable to share secrets etc with each other. And with me, we used to be friend for quite long time but we weren't so fond to each other not like your new friendship.

That's when I understand another thing, that people come and go and you should chase if you want but if it doesn't work, then stop chasing because later in future, other people will come to your life and probably better than the 'was' people. And I believe in that, because now, I have a very good friends that I love so much! But to the old friends, I'll never forget you and my life are always open for you guys.


Hi guys

Lately I am obsessing over personality type and tv series The Big Bang Theory
I couldn't help myself but keep watching the tv series the whole day. Since I got free access sponsored by iflix for 2 months, all I have in my mind is to finish all the BBT seasons. But suddenly I think it isn't an obsession very much because I think I just wanted to watch them since I've got nothing to do during my holidays...right? Ok whatever. I always want to watch Big Bang Theory since..I don't know..but long ago. And luckily iflix do have the tv series. I'm on my season 4 of the series. I'm going to continue watch it later.

Next thing is personality type. I've spending quite a lot of my times over this thing. But I do enjoy it! And I found that I'm an INTP...well I'm not really an INTP because my P and J traits are always 50/50..fair. But I'll go with INTP because the explanation for INTP are much more accurate compared to INTJ. I've been trying a lot of personality type websites such as 16personality, truity etc. The pure reasons I'm doing personality type was the future major/career I'm gonna pursue later. I used to dream to become a pharmacist but after went through my chemistry classes during foundation year, I don't think I enjoy it so much as I used to enjoy it back then during school time. So at some point I become nobody. I mean, I don't have and I don't know what I want to be/work as in the future which is not a good thing in my opinion. That's how I decided to try the personality test to understand more about myself and as well as looking for the right career for me. Well, frankly said it does help me in someway to figure out what I'm interest to and what should I study for my degree etc. So have you ever tried the personality test? If you have, I would love to know what is your type :D

Some side story I wanted to tell here right now before I forget, I'm trying to be more creative but this time not through thinking but through arts. I know it hards to believe especially if you know me who are a total ass when it comes to drawing etc. But but, I'm not trying to draw, I'm trying to colour...with water colour. I even bought myself a set of water colours and water colours book...*how ambitious I am huh* But I've stop from 'playing' with the water colour for a while because I'm too much focus on my iflix and personality thingy..hehehe, but I'm going to watch more youtube tutorial on water colour later when I'm ready ^.^

This is for now. Have a nice day!

Random very random

#np-Wells by Joshua Hyslop

Hi, it's been a while since the last post.
First of all I'm so grateful to Allah that I get the chance to be in this holy month of Islam, Ramadhan. So, I wish everyone a very happy Ramadhan!!

Ok, honestly I always have something in my mind that I want to talk about in this blog but it always came at a very sudden point and the point where I'm not ready to remember and so I forgot. Simple as that. I have trouble at memorize things and sometimes, I even forget what I just had for breakfast..I also easily forget about things I gossiped with my friends, hahaha, that's why I don't really like to gossip which I rarely do nowadays compared to school days back then because there's no point to talk about if I never remember all that....such a waste. But luckily I can memorize things I've learnt pretty well...or else I might have to stop going to uni...*nightmare*

It almost two months since I finished my foundation study and I've been through some events I never thought would happened in my life...but I have no regret with all events I've went through because I did learnt life lessons which I believe are very helpful for my life ahead...

Being...I would say 'rejected' was the hardest-broken-heart event ever in my life. At first I felt like my world of happy life just ended...hahaha drama~~but after some times, I get over it and started to move on...I tell ya, it ain't easy but all you need is a strong will! Once you set to move on, keep moving on. Never procrastinate your moving on 'process'  because there's nothing to lose for if you are moving on. But if you keep push and pull your will, you might ended up not moving on and started to hurt yourself and waste your time over things you never know will becomes yours or never become yours. Chin up dear and there are other things are waiting for you outside there. So moving on and let yourself enjoy the world that has so much fun to offer to you.

As the time pass, you'll be fine. All you need is to allow yourself to move on and get over things because time have no time to wait for you.

I don't know what the heck I'm talking about but I hope you get something from it...I actually doesn't mean to talk about moving on thingy but that's all I got at the moment. So I'll get back to you soon. Bye.