Almost 8 weeks

Ohooo, so next week is my 8 weeks as pre-u student...and a lot of things had happened in this many things from happy things to scary things😁
I've done my Test 1 for Physics, Biology, and English so, I got another 3 papers to go!! Yeay!!

The overall questions is...well...exam never be kind to you unless you love them 😝 As for me, I think I'm not completely in love with them yet...but soon...insyaAllah, I will....kekeke!

I would say my life here is not too hectic as I expected from the alumni experiences because. Importantly is the consistency of your lifestyle here. Tutor every week...tutor is like homework...kerja sekolah...setiap minggu uolls dapat homework kan even dekat sekolah sekali pun. So yeah, no difference in terms of tutor. Assignment...not every week. Oh, the reason for you to be consistent in study is because there is quizzes every week...but not for all subject. For example...Maybe this week I have my Maths and Bio quiz..and then next week I'll probably will have my Chemistry's depends on the lecturers! So that's how the study life goes on here.
Kalau tak study nanti markah quiz sikit, nanti carry mark sikit pastu susah la nak dapat pointer yang sedap mata memandang😂 Bersusah susah dahulu bersenang senang kemudian ok!

6 weeks in UiTM Dengkil

Hahaha, tiba-tiba je week 6 dah😂
So yeah, I got my SPM result in March and I got my first UPU choice which is UiTM Dengkil (UiTM Foundation Centre). I am very happy with that and with my not so nervous feeling(since a lot of my batchmates got here as well) I went for the registration day which was on 25th May,hari Rabu lah yang pastinya..hehehe..

Well, now this week is my six weeks of my life journey di sini! How was it so far? 9.8/10 hahahahaha... I got very nice, friendly and also supportive classmates which is group C2, all my lecturers are very kind, my housemates are nice too! I got nothing to complain so far and not to forget my lovely  24 out of 159  xans(batchmates of my former school) here in Dengkil.

That's all for now. Good night fellas!


Kasi tau aku kalau kau lagi perlukan aku,
Kasi tau aku kalau kau lagi butuh waktu,
Kasi tau aku kalau kau punya masalah, jangan berselindung,
Kerna aku setia mendengar semuanya yang terkubur di hatimu.
Biarkan aku dengar semua yang ada di situ, di dalam hatimu,
Kerna aku mau kita bersatu
Dan aku sayang kamu.


Tidak Tetap

kali ini kau buat lagi.
ber'sayang' bila aku sudah mau hilang,
tapi kau berubah tadi seperti baru bertandang dalam sebuah perkenalan
Mudah sekali kau berubah
Apa kau fikir aku ini lalang?
Yang bisa berubah mengikut arah dan kelajuan?
Aku bukan lalang,
Aku manusia punya hati yang jauh berbeza dengan lalang.
Tidak seperti lalang, aku mau disayang,
Selamat malam sayang.



Mengapa kau datang,
Di saat perasaan ku sudah mulai terbang,
Setiap kali dia cuba terbang sekali lagi
Waktu itulah tepat engkau datang
Bagai menghalang ia terbang

Tetapi mengapa,
Di saat aku masih di darat,
Tidak mahu terbang, engkau hilang,
Mengapa ya?

Kejamnya kau mempermainkan ku.



Waktu sentiasa berdetik,
Tidak kira panas, sejuk atau hujan rintik
Di saat waktu berdetik,
Semua kenangan tercipta,
Indah, suka duka dan tawa,

Waktu berdetik, berdetik
Tak pernah sekali terlintas untuk menunggu,
Walau terkadang ku berharap engkau berhenti,
Berhenti hanya untuk seketika,
Supaya dapat aku merasa semuanya,

Waktu berdetik,
Hebat kau berlari,
Walau sekencang mana pun angin,
Tiada siapa dapat mengalahkanmu,

Terkadang aku cemburu dengan waktu yang sentiasa berdetik,
Sentiasa meninggalkan masa lalu untuk sesuatu yang baru,
Sentiasa bersama mereka yang menghargai waktu,

Aku berharap dapat menjadi seperti waktu,
Meninggalkan hal-hal lalu, mencipta kenangan-kenangan baru,
Bersama mereka yang menghargaiku..


Where Am I?

Long time no post in the not so dumpped blog.

So, where am I now? Aku kat mana? Awak kat mana? Haaa, aku ada je kat sini, cuma hidup makin sibuk >.<  jadi, minggu lepas aku dah mendaftarkan diri aku dengan sepenuh hati, hahaha, di pusat asasi uitm kat dengkil. Mestilah dengkil kan kat mana lagi pusat asasi uitm yg lain¬ semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan lancarlah, ga macet gitu!

Maka, kuliah pertama (first class, :P) akan start pada 6 June! Yeay, hari pertama puasa adalah hari pertama kuliah! Bagus! Tapi malang seribu kali malang, rakan serumah atau rakan se-sekolah dulu, sorang pun tak ada yang sama group dengan aku, and I was like....seriously man! Sadis permulaan hidup ke jalan kejayaan ni >.<  Jadi mulalah proses yang agak susah bagi manusia macam aku ni, iaitu proses nak berkenalan dengan orang baru...aku paling lemah nak kenal dengan orang ni...aku tak tahula, aku ni memang lambat sikit nak selesakan diri dekat tempat baru, I still remember the struggling of me masa baru masuk form 4 dulu. especially dekat dorm, pergh, almost 4 months kot baru aku boleh bergila-gila dengan dormates aku, tambahan pulak, kalau sekolah berasrama ni memang jarang balik dorm sebab spend most of the time dekat sekolah je. Aku balik hostel pun hanya untuk tidur je! But I hope everything will be fine...

A New Start

It's 2016 and it's already February 2016!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
How fast time fly....This year I don't plan to achieve or to do a lot of things but I am really looking forward to all the unexpected happy things to happen.
I also hope that I can spend more time on my blog writing post and probably making a video :O Hahaha, what a high target isn't it?

As for now, I will stop writing this post but I'll continue with another post for sure but later :D

Have a nice day and all the best to you guys ^^

The past time

Hi dears,
So it has been a very long time since I posted out a post. I've become quite a lazy person especially in writing a post for my own blog, you can see how lazy I am.
11 years have gone and now I am no longer a school student. I graduate from secondary school!!! Yay!!! *a big clap for me*

Look back into the last 2 year of my school time, I think I grew up a lot mentally and physically.
I entered a boarding school and met new friends. A big struggled I had to go through was to adapt with the new people and new surrounding which was very different from my daily school life.
But yeah, it all the matter of time. I tried to adapt as a newbie, the time also passing real fast and I finally adapted with the new thingy *but not totally adapt, anyway*

Let's see what things I've got for the past 2 years:

-best girlfriends ever *my Form 4 girl classmates*
-a satisfied exam result which I think I improve a lot and which I believe I will never get that kind of exam result if keep staying in my previous school for some reasons.
-positions. well, I held a few positions at school and at the hostel. It's a great achievement *at least, I have something to put in the position column* Hahahaha
-I gained weight! Haha, it's not a favour one but that's what I got. I gained 5 kg in during my national exam month, which is in November. I ate a lot since there was only around 60-80 girls left at the school while the rest students were on their school holiday, so the dining hall wasn't crowded as usual and I am a happy girl eating the food.
-I became familiar with the city of my school.
etc, I couldn't remember all of them right now, but I'm sure there are many things I've got.

Now it's FEBRUARY 2016!!!!! My national exam result will be out on March 3rd. I'm looking forward to it but quite anxious with my result especially my Additional Maths result. But I hope everything will be fine as it should. I also hope for straight As' (9As') in my SPM result.