6 weeks in UiTM Dengkil

Hahaha, tiba-tiba je week 6 dah😂
So yeah, I got my SPM result in March and I got my first UPU choice which is UiTM Dengkil (UiTM Foundation Centre). I am very happy with that and with my not so nervous feeling(since a lot of my batchmates got here as well) I went for the registration day which was on 25th May,hari Rabu lah yang pastinya..hehehe..

Well, now this week is my six weeks of my life journey di sini! How was it so far? 9.8/10 hahahahaha... I got very nice, friendly and also supportive classmates which is group C2, all my lecturers are very kind, my housemates are nice too! I got nothing to complain so far and not to forget my lovely  24 out of 159  xans(batchmates of my former school) here in Dengkil.

That's all for now. Good night fellas!

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