Hi guys

Lately I am obsessing over personality type and tv series The Big Bang Theory
I couldn't help myself but keep watching the tv series the whole day. Since I got free access sponsored by iflix for 2 months, all I have in my mind is to finish all the BBT seasons. But suddenly I think it isn't an obsession very much because I think I just wanted to watch them since I've got nothing to do during my holidays...right? Ok whatever. I always want to watch Big Bang Theory since..I don't know..but long ago. And luckily iflix do have the tv series. I'm on my season 4 of the series. I'm going to continue watch it later.

Next thing is personality type. I've spending quite a lot of my times over this thing. But I do enjoy it! And I found that I'm an INTP...well I'm not really an INTP because my P and J traits are always 50/50..fair. But I'll go with INTP because the explanation for INTP are much more accurate compared to INTJ. I've been trying a lot of personality type websites such as 16personality, truity etc. The pure reasons I'm doing personality type was the future major/career I'm gonna pursue later. I used to dream to become a pharmacist but after went through my chemistry classes during foundation year, I don't think I enjoy it so much as I used to enjoy it back then during school time. So at some point I become nobody. I mean, I don't have and I don't know what I want to be/work as in the future which is not a good thing in my opinion. That's how I decided to try the personality test to understand more about myself and as well as looking for the right career for me. Well, frankly said it does help me in someway to figure out what I'm interest to and what should I study for my degree etc. So have you ever tried the personality test? If you have, I would love to know what is your type :D

Some side story I wanted to tell here right now before I forget, I'm trying to be more creative but this time not through thinking but through arts. I know it hards to believe especially if you know me who are a total ass when it comes to drawing etc. But but, I'm not trying to draw, I'm trying to colour...with water colour. I even bought myself a set of water colours and water colours book...*how ambitious I am huh* But I've stop from 'playing' with the water colour for a while because I'm too much focus on my iflix and personality thingy..hehehe, but I'm going to watch more youtube tutorial on water colour later when I'm ready ^.^

This is for now. Have a nice day!

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