It's been a month

Hi guys, how are you?

So it has been a month since I finished my foundation year!! It's hard to believe how fast time flies! Nothing much happening throughout the month, but one exciting thing happened and it was the result day!

I've received my final exam result through email about a week ago and Alhamdulillah I pass all of the subjects especially my English and Chemistry subjects as I have a very low expectation result on both subjects since my carry mark wasn't so good..I can't imagine myself sitting for the repeat papers...I'm so happy and grateful that I made it! It's enough to made my day week ago.

So I went to my foundation mates whatsapp group and wishing everyone a very good luck and congrats them on their result...well, the group has been quiet for sometimes and I'm glad it went active again that we the "miss kepochi" can't hold our curiosity on each others' result and so we decided to screenshot our result and attched in the group, hahahaha!!! No secret between us!

So nowadays since the result day, my main job is doing some research about my not-so-clear-yet-future-career...I have few undergraduate courses in my mind but they are mainly in biology-health field because I enjoy studying biology but I enjoy the human part most than the animals and the plants...I also am thinking to continue my undergraduate study oversea but the cost for undergraduate study is pretty pricey and most of the scholarship application has closed. So I've decided to further my undergraduate study at local university and do my master/phd study oversea...insyaAllah.

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